Like a shell that protects the seed of each plant, while it allows them to grow big and strong, these pots are the perfect home for your plants throughout their life.

Inside the pot is a porous stoneware filter that will limit the water access to the roots of the plant.

“Llavors” will not only be the perfect partner for your plants, they are also ideal for storing all kinds of home and office objects.

“Llavors” are available in five sizes. In combination with its unique slanted openings they allow you to create unique compositions from the union of several pieces.

Dare to play and create your own world of llavors!


35,00 88,00 

White terracotta pieces made one by one with the slip casting technique. The pots come with a fine cork base that will protect delicate surfaces and extend their useful life.

More information

A thin layer of glaze on the inside will slow down the process
of the dirt particles pigmenting the white tones of the clay.

Dry clean whenever possible. If they have any stains, use a clean and wet dishcloth.

Sizes (width, height, mouth width and irrigation recommendation):
nano: 9,4cm, 8,7cm, 6,4cm, ¼ glass (50ml)
mini: 11,3cm, 10,4cm, 8cm, ½ glass (100ml)
medium: 14,9cm, 13,3cm, 11,1cm, 1 glass (200ml)
big: 19,2cm, 17,1cm, 14,1cm, 1,5 glass (300ml)
huge: 23,5cm, 21,2cm, 16,4cm, 2 glass (500ml)