Ous ferrats

Do you want some unique coat racks for your hall?
“Ous ferrats” are the ones!
Each piece is unique, choose yours and dare to make your wall one of a kind.

Sometimes the creative processes do not start with an idea, but with a need.
This is the case of the ous ferrats (fried eggs)! Born from the wish to use the spheres of “llavors pots”
that sometimes break during the polishing process.

Ceramic, before being fired, is extremely fragile.
During the polishing process it is very easy to apply more pressure than the piece can resist and a fissure may occur.
Hearing a click, looking at the piece and realizing that a tiny fissure has appeared is maddening.
Luckily this doesn’t happen often, but when it does you have to discard that piece and hours of work have been wasted.
That’s the moment when you begin to think about how you could reuse them and you realize
that by breaking them into smaller pieces they have interesting concave shapes.
And by adding a wooden cylinder, very cool coat racks were born!

Et voilà! Sometimes coincidences are wonderful!

Ous ferrats

27,00 170,00 

White terracotta coat racks with a piece of beech wood that incorporates the necessary support fixings.

More information

If you wish to choose your own coat racks, once your order is placed, you will receive an
email with an attached picture where a few coat racks appear listed.
Once you have decided which ones you want, you reply to the same email specifying the number of the coat racks you’ve selected.

I recommend mixing different sizes and shapes.
Sizes: width 6 to 15cm diameter and depth 7 to 11 cm
Follow the mounting instructions that come with your order.

The plugs for any kind of wall will be included in the package
Dry clean whenever possible. If they have any stains use a clean damp cloth.